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Home Blog What You Can Do in the Drive-Thru

What You Can Do in the Drive-Thru

What You Can Do in the Drive-Thru

As we all adjust to the “new normal” in the way we live due to the coronavirus outbreak, this also includes adjusting to the way we bank. It’s no secret that our drive-thrus are seeing more and more customers visiting to complete a variety of transactions. But these transactions go beyond simply cashing a check or making a deposit. Do you know all of the things you can do in the drive-thru?

In the drive-thru you can:

  • Make Loan Payments. Home loans, car loans, you name it!
  • Get Balances. See how much you have in your spending or savings accounts.
  • Make Deposits/Withdrawals. Deposit checks made out to you or withdraw some cash for your needs.
  • Get Cashiers Checks/Money Orders. Cashier’s checks are great for large purchases and Money Orders help ensure that only the recipient can use it.
  • Get MasterCard Gift Cards. It’s the gift that is always the right size!
  • Order Checks. Remember to bring your check re-order slip with you.
  • Have Loose Coins Counted. If you are bringing loose coins, you will need to come to the first lane. If coins are placed in the drive-thru canisters, they could get stuck in the pneumatic tube system and no one wants that to happen.
  • Change Orders (also known as Rolled Coin Orders). You’ll have to come to the first lane for this one as well.

Some days at the drive-thru may be busier than others. Please note that we typically see an increase in drive-thru traffic on the 1st and 3rd of each month, particularly if they fall on a Thursday or Friday, resulting in longer wait times. If you’d like to visit us on these days, please plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time to make it to your other destinations. 

Here are some tips to help improve your next drive-thru experience:

  • Prepare ahead of time. Do all the paperwork before you get into your car, such as completing deposit slips and endorsing checks, and then have them at hand with your driver’s license when you pull up. This saves you having to sign and organize papers in the car while those behind you wait. You can even ask for a few extra deposit slips so you can be prepared for your next visit.
  • End your cell phone call or put it on hold. Carrying on two conversations at once can be nearly impossible – in addition to trying to navigate a car and make a transaction. It’s easier to end the call or put the caller on hold for a few minutes until you’re done. We simply want to make sure we understand what you need and know that your attention is focused on our conversation.
  • Eliminate background noise. Like a speakerphone, the drive-thru’s microphone picks up background noise which can make it difficult for the teller to hear or understand you. Consider lowering the radio volume or turn off your vehicle if it is noisy.
  • Speak clearly and loudly. If you need to ask or answer any questions, face the microphone, and speak clearly. If you can’t understand the teller, ask him/her to repeat the question or statement.

As a precaution, we recommend using hand sanitizer before and following the use of any drive-thru equipment used by others.

Would you prefer to skip the drive-thru? We also offer Curbside Banking at most First Citizens locations! Click here for more information.


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