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2601 4th Street SW
Mason City, IA 50401

Tel. (641)423-1600

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
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Sat: 9:00am - 12:00pm
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  • Charles City Branch
    300 North Main Street
    Charles City, IA 50616

  • Clarion Branch
    315 Central Avenue East
    Clarion, IA 50525

  • Kanawha Branch
    220 North Main Street
    Kanawha, IA 50447

  • Mason City State Street Branch
    33 East State Street
    Mason City, IA 50401

  • Mason City West Branch
    2601 4th Street SW
    Mason City, IA 50401

  • Mora Branch
    730 Forest Ave East
    Mora, MN 55051

  • New Hampton Branch
    124 West Main Street
    New Hampton, IA 50659

  • Osage Branch
    501 Main Street
    Osage, IA 50461

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Personal Loans


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Customized Loans Designed to Fulfill Your Specific Needs

Life is full of big moments and milestones, including some you don’t always plan for. We’re here to help when these milestones require a larger financial investment than you can make alone.

Investing in our communities through various lending solutions is just one more way we build up the people and places we serve.

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jeans with pockets turned out in need of a personal loan

Loans for whatever you need!

The need for a major appliance or a new vehicle is going to come up in life. When it does, know you have an experienced lending partner ready to help. We can also help finance fun with loans for boats, campers and RVs.

Use these calculators for your reference:

icon of receiving a personal loan of dollar bills

Personal Loan Calculator

Learn what to expect with different monthly
payments to a personal loan.

View Calculator

icon of vehicle and loan affordability calculator

Auto Loan Affordability Calculator

Figure out how much you can afford to pay for a car loan each month, based on your current budget.

View Calculator

icon of low rate on auto loan or cash back option

Low Rate vs Cash Back Auto Financing Calculator

Will you save more using a low rate or
cash back auto financing option?

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Applying for a Vehicle Loan

Whether you're a first time buyer looking for advice or a seasoned pro, we are ready to help! Choose an option that works best for you:

Option 1 ~ Apply for pre-approval at First Citizens Bank
Applying for pre-approval for a vehicle loan is a great choice, especially if you're still shopping around and haven't settled on a particular car yet. With a pre-approval, you'll have a budget and terms taken care of which means you can talk about a car's price rather than monthly payments and financing.

Option 2 ~ Find a vehicle and then visit with us
If you've got a specific car picked out, visit with us! Contact us at 800-423-1602 to make an appointment to visit with our staff about current rates and loan options at any of our offices.

Vehicle Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Simply apply online or in person for an auto loan and give a best estimate of the amount you are looking to spend. From there the lender will review and either approve, counter or deny the application based on the amount. Final approval will require collateral review, but an initial approval can be offered to allow a customer to go shopping with confidence.

How do I go about getting pre-approved for a vehicle loan?

First Citizens Bank will offer you a local personal experience with the entire auto loan purchase and life of the loan. Using the dealer ends when you drive off the lot for most. Your bank will be there for the entire relationship.

Why is it better to get a loan with First Citizens than with a dealer?

You start with the application, conditional approval, purchase and loan closing. If you are buying from a dealership we would like to get the purchase agreement or bill of sale. If purchasing from a private party we encourage the buyer to see a copy of the title before finalizing the purchase. This helps the buyer know if the title is salvaged or reconstructed. If you are looking for a pre-approval we can give you a letter to take with you to the dealership to offer an added level of comfort and buying power as you move through the buying process.

How does the whole vehicle loan process work when getting it from First Citizens?


collection of vehicles at various price levels

Price your vehicle!


Use your home's equity to your advantage

As you make payments on your home loan, you build up equity. This equity can be tapped into for a home equity loan, an ideal solution if you need cash for a home remodel, debt consolidation or other needs.It can also be received in the form of a home equity line of credit. This solution allows you to borrow money as you need it and only repay for what you use.

Apply Online Now!

On-Site Wastewater Assistance Program (OSWAP)

This type of loan provides assistance to Iowa homeowners not served by a public sewer. Homeowners may obtain a low-interest loan through First Citizens for the replacement of inadequate or failing septic systems. According to Iowa law, all septic systems, regardless of when they were installed, must have a secondary wastewater treatment system following the septic tank.

See Eligibility Requirementswave of water for home use

Student Loans

We work with ISL Education Lending to offer private loans to help you pay for college as well as refinance existing student loans. ISL Education Lending is a nonprofit organization with decades of student loan experience offering lower-priced loans.*

ISL Education Lending offers:

  • Loans for college students.
  • A loan option for parents and family members who wish to borrow on behalf of a college student.
  • Multiple student loan refinance options.

In addition, they offer multiple scholarship opportunities and free college planning tools to help students and families avoid overborrowing and plan smart for life during and after college.

Learn more about ISL Education Lending’s offerings on their website.

Please note:

  • All loans offered by ISL Education Lending are subject to credit approval.
  • Before applying for a private loan, we encourage you to first complete the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You should also work with your college financial aid office to explore and exhaust all sources of student financial aid before seeking a private student loan.

Student Planning Pointers for Parents

Get free information on how to help your student in eighth through 12th grade plan for success after high school. Twice-monthly emails provide tips, tools and resources. All information is based on grade level and is appropriate for the time of the year. Interested parents can sign up at

*First Citizens Bank is compensated by ISL Education Lending for the referral of student loan customers.

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